Billebeino has entered a unique and exciting collaboration with the legendary comic hero The Phantom, also known as The Ghost Who Walks. The world-famous character’s notorious skull mark meets the Billebeino brick logo in a simple yet ever-so-brilliant way in a limited-edition collection.

The journey hasn’t been easy: Billebeino spent over a year working with licenses and permits, with countless emails flying to and from the copyright owners of the character in Sweden and the US. The Billebeino boys are stoked to finally announce the collaboration.

“The Phantom is an edgy character with a twist of rock ‘n’ roll,” says Ville Leino. “I mean, even Keith Richards wears a skull ring! Phantom is also different to other superheroes, as there is this fascinating mysticism around him. Of course, his long history is impressive too. I’m really thrilled about this collaboration and the products.”

The first Phantom comic strip was published in 1936, but time hasn’t ruined the character: he’s still as kicky as ever.

“It’s great to finally conclude the project and see the final products that bring together the smashing retro character and our clothes,” Juhani Putkonen notes.

As is appropriate for a hero trying to better the world, all BILLEBEINO X PHANTOM hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts are made of 100% recycled materials. Check out the limited-edition collection here:…/billebeino-x-phantom/